About us

Macsen Lamps was created in 1982 by John McCormick. With 10 years motor trade experience, he had frequently been asked to supply bulbs, and Macsen Lamps was born to satisfy that demand. John started by supplying bulbs only, to the motor cycle shops and garages in the North West of England, and is still supplying some of them today. His associate at the time, Bernard Senior, ran the same operation in the North East of England. This association gave rise to the unusual name, “Macsen”. John amalgamated the two areas in 1983 when Bernard retired.

A distributorship was obtained from Top Lamp when they entered the U.K. in 1984. This alliance made Macsen Lamps the biggest auto bulb specialist in the North West of England, with more bulb types available from stock than all others in the area.

Top Lamp, recognised throughout Europe as the leading independent auto bulb supplier for the replacement market; enjoy E1 approval from the internationally recognised authority in Germany, the KBA. The recent introduction of Stainless Steel bulb caps keeps

Top Lamp ahead of any competition for a very important safety product.

Continued expansion into new products year on year has brought about a new 22 page catalogue, which can be viewed and downloaded on this site. Suppliers of vehicle bulbs across the entire motor trade, boat builders have now been added to the customer list, due to the extensive range of thin wall and welding cables held in stock, alongside automotive cables.

John, affectionately known by customers as “The Bulb Man”, has designed and produced the first trade bulb rack. Other retail dispensers cater only for fiddly and expensive single boxes. The Macsen Lamps rack is the only one that takes the 10-way trade box, thereby saving stock space and reducing replacement costs. Full details are available in the bulb catalogue.

John’s daughter, Andrea, joined the company in 1994, with his son Paul joining in 2018.

Macsen Lamps aim is to deliver throughout the whole of the UK, the most comprehensive range of quality bulbs, cable and auto electrical consumables at the most competitive prices. 

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