Bulbs and Accessories:

Adobe Multiple Bulbs 1_edited.jpg

Click below for our extensive range of high quality E1 original equipment specification Top Lamp bulbs and more. Products include:

  • bulbs

  • hose clips

  • terminals

  • hand lamps

  • fuses

Cable and Cable Management:

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Click below for our extensive range of:

  • cables

  • sleeving / conduit / heatshrink

  • copper tube terminals

  • electrical terminals

  • cable ties

  • fuses

  • fuse boxes

  • fuse holders

Wiper Blades:

shutterstock wiper blade.jpg

Click below for our extensive range of original equipment wiper blades. Products include: 

  • standard blades,

  • upgrade blades,

  • spoiler blades,

  • flat blades,

  • rear blades,

  • CV and PSV blades

BT17 18 Adobe
Adobe Multiple Bulbs 1
shutterstock cable 2
shutterstock wiper blade
Adobe Terminals 1
Adobe Cable Ties
Adobe Sleeving and terminal
Adobe Stock EPT1
BT17 18 Adobe
FBB4LED from internet south africa
Butt splice 1
HANDLAMPS LEDP01 to 04 cropped
Adobe cable picture (1)
Adobe Stock EPT1
499 png.png
501 png.png
380 png.png
380W png.png
EC999 png.png
EAC4 png.png
BT9 png.png
EFB10 png.png
EFMB15 png.png
EMF250 png.png
EFH569 png.png
HC9-16 png.png
MC15 png.png
PC21 png.png
Wiper blade not flat 1.png
Wiper blade flat 1.png
SY7453SSNW Sirius Recessed cropped